Dallas’ Bathroom Tile Installation Experts

Tile is the most commonly used flooring choice in bathrooms because of its ability to handle the moisture. Whether you want to use ceramic, porcelain, glass, or stone, Dallas Tile Contractors is the best tile installation company to call. Our highly skilled tile setters have years of experience is laying tile in bathrooms in homes and businesses in the Dallas area.

Dallas Tile Contractors is the premier tile setting company because of our ability to get the job done right and done quickly. Our customer service is the best around and our prices are very affordable. We strive to be a well-rounded company with many tiling options to choose from for your bathroom needs.

Bathroom Flooring Tiles

It is important that not only do your bathroom floor tiles look good but also that they have antiskid properties so that you don’t slip when the floor gets wet. And when the floor gets wet it is important that the slope of the tile at the proper angle to allow all of the water to run toward the drain. It is important that your bathroom floor dry quickly.

We want you to have the exact bathroom floor look that you desire, but you should speak with our contractors to select the proper bathroom tile so that you get a look that you desire and that is functional and safe. Our contractors suggest that you avoid glossy or polished tiles for your bathroom flooring, as they are slippery in nature.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Tile walls in bathrooms have many benefits. They are easy to clean and they prevent fungi, algae, and germs, making it a very hygienic choice for your bathroom and shower walls. There are so many choices of tiles and styles for your bathroom walls that the possibilities are nearly unlimited. You have your choice of various tile sizes, colors, textures, punches, shades, grains, and highlighters. This variation allows you to get tile walls regardless of your budget.

Bathroom Remodeling

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, we highly suggest hiring a professional company to install your tile. Contractors can not only do the job faster but will ensure that the job is done properly and you can get your bathroom back for full functionality. Our contractors know the right types of tiles to use and will give you a plethora of options to choose from so that you get the look and functionality that you want and need in your bathroom.

Bathroom Tile Repair

Dallas Tile Contractors can also repair damaged tiles in your bathroom. We will scour the globe to find the exact tile that you have in your bathroom so that it matches perfectly. If your bathroom tile is in need of grout repair, we can fill in the damaged areas and address all areas that may be causing your problems. It is important that you have damaged tile and grout repaired in your bathroom so that moisture does not create more problems for you in the future. We suggest that you contact us at today to schedule your free quote on any bathroom tile repair work that you need.