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Dallas Tile Contractors specializes in residential tile installation and has completed tile projects all over the Dallas area. We are proud to offer many different tile installation services like kitchen tile, backsplash tile, tile flooring, and more residential tile services. Our contractors can also repair damaged tiles that have been scratched, chipped, or cracked. Our contractors are fully insured and guaranteed to complete the job to your satisfaction. Our experienced tile setters have placed tile in kitchens, entryways, laundry rooms, mudrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and more. We have installed tile every room of a home.

Kitchen Tile

Many homeowners prefer to have a tile floor in the kitchen because of how easy it is to clean. Tile flooring is a great look for a home and can even look like wood. But wood floors can’t be mopped whereas a tile floor can. That is one big advantage over tile flooring that has over wood and vinyl flooring. Some homeowners even prefer to have tile on the walls because it looks great and because it is easy to clean. With so many styles and colors to choose from, tile anywhere in the kitchen looks great and is very functional and versatile.

Bathroom Tile

The most common place to find tile in a home is in the bathroom. Many bathroom floors are tile and many showers are tiled too. This is because the tile can handle the moisture where wood and other materials cannot. There is a wide variety of bathroom tile options to choose from so you are sure to get exactly what you want in any style and color that you want. You just need to pick it out and hire us to install it for you.

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is quickly becoming one of many homeowner’s first choices in flooring because of its wide variety of styles and colors. With all the different styles, types, and colors, you can get a unique customized look to any floor in any room of your home. From the entryway to the hallway to the bedroom, tile flooring is a smart, durable choice for your home’s floor.

Tile Repair

If you have damaged tiles that need repair, Dallas Tile Contractors can repair those scratched, chipped, or cracked tiles for you. Our expert staff repairs damaged tiles and can replace them with matching tiles so you and your guests will never know the difference. We can also repair damaged or missing grout that is in between your tiles.

Residential Tile Service

Dallas Tile Contractors are the premier tile contractors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area because we hire the industry’s best and most talented workers. We focus on our customer service and excellent workmanship. And we keep our prices affordable so that we can work with homeowners on every budget.

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