Shower Tile Installation In Dallas, Texas

The first step in tiling your shower is selecting the type of shower tile that you desire. The second is calling Dallas Tile Contractors to install your new shower tile choice. Tiling a shower can be tedious and can take a long time, even for the most seasoned DIY pro. Doing it yourself means needing the proper materials and tools, like a wet saw, and the knowledge to ensure that each tile fits perfectly. We recommend that you leave this work to the professionals.

We offer a wide variety of tile options and styles. Here are a few of those choices:

Subway Shower Tile

Subway shower tile is the most popular trending tile option at the moment. This ceramic tile is a timeless look that is certain to never go out of style. There are many tile color choices as well as grout color choices to really give your shower a unique look.

Wood Shower Tile

We have been noticing more and more customers asking for a faux wood tile. Faux wood tiles mimic the look of real wood without having to worry about the wood damaging because of the water. Faux wood tiles are typically made of ceramic or porcelain. The faux wood look gives your bathroom a rustic feel and will quickly become a focal point in your bathroom.

Rock Shower Tile

If you are wanting a more natural look, then look no further than a rock tile shower. River rock shower tiles are a popular choice because they offer a unique element to your shower. You can find these tiles in two ways, either individual pieces that can be mosaiced together, or in pre-cut tile sizes for faster installation.

Glass Tile Shower

Mosaic glass tile is a great look for any bathroom. You have so many choices to customize the look of your shower. Glass tile is easy to clean and is resistant to stains. Installation generally takes longer because it takes a lot of patience to fit all the little tile pieces together perfectly.

Travertine Shower Tile

If you are looking for an elegant natural stone tile option, then try travertine shower tile. This tile is a timeless and beautiful look for any bathroom. This tile is commonly used for shower floors but is also being used for shower walls as well. This tile must be sealed to protect it from mold and mildew. If installed on the shower floor, it is recommended that you do not choose a high gloss sealant as it can cause you to slip and fall in your shower.

Cultured Marble Shower Tile

If you are looking for sophistication and elegance, cultured marble shower tile is the choice for you. This is a tile that will never go out of style. This tile is a softer tile so you should avoid using any abrasive cleaners on it as it can cause scratches and cracks that can grow over time.

Shower Tile Affordability

Whatever your choice of shower tile is, Dallas Tile Contractors can provide you with the most affordable residential installation option that you will find in the Dallas area. Give us a call today at for your free quote.